The Project

HZ Classic Puzzle Games is a collection of puzzles and games that preserve the simplicity of the first computer games, while harnessing the power of modern software to look good and to work across platforms.

Contributions welcome!

We are looking for:
  • People who create and solve puzzles
  • People who create graphics
  • GUI designers/Webdesigners who pretty up things
  • Software developers who create reusable parts from and for our games
  • Software developers who write new games
  • and of course people who enjoy our games!


Every project needs a vision. Our vision is produce free software that preserves the ideas and puzzles hidden in "old" computer games, while we develop tools, experience and paradigms to produce cross-platform games and to ultimately produce the games engine or toolbox that can do it all, and that can be plugged into other game engines to add puzzles and other sophisticated content.
For example, we might use a subset of javascript to define the game rules, such that the game can later be used in a 3D-engine by parsing the rules file.

Locks and tokens

This is a list of tasks and of the people who have acquired locks on a part of the project. Patches and new stuff from someone who has asked for a lock will go first into the project sources. A lock will last 1 month.
  • HylZee sourcecode: no lock
  • HylZee default graphics: no lock


The GPL License has been chosen for our software. Time will tell whether this is the right license. Since the puzzles and graphics themselves are separate data, be warned that some links on this website may lead to graphics or puzzles that the authors did release under a different license.

The Beginning

The project started out in 2005 with the release of the HylZee puzzle game, written in javascript.